Thursday, August 11, 2005

Chop Chop

Last night at Salon 77, Mandy cut 14 inches off of my long, long hair. What a liberating experience! I haven't had it this short since seventh grade, and other than that I think 1992 was the last time I even had it slightly above my shoulders. So, hooray for a new 'do. I am loving the feeling of shortness! This morning when I stepped on the scale I was four pounds lighter, literally. Now I know my hair couldn't have weighed that much, but I'm taking it as a good sign.

I've been busy making dresses to sell at Art in August, which is this Sunday. My friend Holly puts together an amazing garden party/crafty show every summer with a dozen local artists. I was so happy with the dress I made for Zöe last week that I decided to make more. I figured out how to increase the size and I bought some great fabrics, so I've been able to make seven so far in three different sizes. I have two more ready to sew in an even larger size. In the end I'll have four sizes total with 10-12 dresses in all. It's been fun, but I think I'm getting a little weary. Yesterday I took my sewing machine into the shop because the thread kept jamming and getting all twisted up around the bobbin. I was certain that I had a big problem on my hands. Boy did I feel a like an idiot when the guy showed my the problem...I simply had it threaded incorrectly. I must be getting tired, because threading it is something I can normally do with my eyes closed. My feeling of stupidity was quickly surpassed by my relief that the machine is fine and I can keep on sewing.


Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great!!! Okay, now I definitely have to take the leap and go chop mine off! The dresses are absolutely adorable. You are a sewing machine (pun intended). I'm going to try to swing by the sale this weekend to look at them in person.

Anonymous said...

I l-o-v-e the new do! Cutting hair is such a emotional deal, but when you come out with a sassy new coif like yours, the emotions are pure bliss! Glad YOU like it. Cant wait to see it in person tomorrow!

Barbara said...

Wow!!! I love your new look!! You look fantastic --- young and carefree! I'm sure it took great courage to make the final decision, and, Oh, the anxiety to see your tresses fall to the floor! I'm glad you like it. Change is good.

Berly's Blog said...

I love the hair! I also love the dresses! I would love to buy one for Gemma. Let me know what sizes you have and if I could buy one.

Also, hello to Rebecca!


Anonymous said...

Hello to you, Kim! (Sorry to hijack your blog, Meegan). Hope your trip is going well.

Meegan Blue said...

Thanks all of you for your kind compliments on my cut. It's so much easier and fun. I should have done it ages ago. Kim, here are some of the details on the dresses: I based them on Hanna Andersson sizes 80-120, the smaller ones (80,90) are selling for $25, the larger ones (100,110,120) for $35. Gemma would look so adorable wearing one! I have lots of different fabrics, and can email you some detailed photos if you'd like. Thanks for your interest! xoxo

textile_fetish said...

I love those pretty dresses and the way you took such a basic (looking) design and combined colors to make it pop!

textile_fetish said...

Hey, I'm going to "blogroll" you . . .not really, but I want to add your link to my blog so I can check and be inspired :)