Friday, June 09, 2006

Oleson's Mercantile with a Fairy Shopper Twist

Last night we played a rousing rendition of Store. I've loved playing Store (and Library and School...) for as long as I can remember. And even though Nellie Oleson was the Little House girl-we-loved-to-hate, I was enamored that her family owned the Mercantile. I loved to imagine climbing up the rolling wall ladder to retrieve bolts of calico for Ma, or handling the glass apothecary jars to get herbs for Ms. Beadle, or a peppermint stick for Laura. And lets not even get started on how amazing it would be to work the till. Yipes.

Jack and Max were the Shopkeepers, Zoe was Betty Q. Shopper and I was the bad, bad baby. Thankfully there are no photos of me in the act because it was ugly. I play a pretty darn good bad, bad baby (think Nellie here, or perhaps even Veruca Salt as a toddler) and the kids just think it's hilarious, which usually gets me acting like the baddest bad, bad baby they've ever seen. For the record, however, Zöe maintained her sweet mommy composure, patting my arm and telling me that it was all going to be okay, as I wailed and flailed because I'd eaten all of my cupcakes. Then she whipped out her credit card and bought me some more. That's love.