Friday, November 02, 2007

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, pumpkins scream in the dead of night!

What a day full of Halloween-ness! It began with the very last costume parade at school (sniff sniff) which my dad kindly filmed for us. Thanks dad!

In the evening, after a pizza dinner with family and friends, we trick-or-treated our picture-perfect neighborhood. The weather was amazing, the leaves were crunchy, big groups of kids and their parents roamed the sidewalks. It felt lke something out of a movie.

Batgirl did an excellent job of keeping up with all of the big kids. And she didn't even flinch when the two teenage boys opened their door in full, scary werewolf costumes. I wanted to run away, our little friend Claire nearly mowed me over in her hasty retreat, but Zöe just stuck out her bag and chimed "Trick-or-treat!"

The Hooded One (the dark and dangerous character from Jack's favorite graphic novel series Bone) had a great time. I made his cloak and he was very happy with it, except we both wished that the hood covered his face more. But that's okay. He played the part well and scored a ton of candy.

Link had the best Halloween ever. After working long hours on Jack's cloak, I thought there was no way I would get to Max's costume. We found Jack's Darth Vader costume from last year and he was pretty satisfied with going as Darth. But at the last minute I felt that my middle child needed to get what he wanted. So after two nights of 3:00 a.m. bedtimes it was done. Max was so excited! He tried it on, looked in the full-length mirror, and burst into tears. He's usually very timid about dressing up, so I sat down and told him that it was okay (and I really meant it), that he didn't have to wear it if he didn't want to. But through his heaving tears he said, "No mommy, I'm just (sob) so (sob) HAPPY!" So I burst into tears right along with him. Those late nights were definitely worth it.

After trick-or-treating, it was over to my brother's new house, then on to my parents for a big fun Halloween gathering. What a perfect evening! As always, more photos can be found over here. I hope everyone had a great time, too. Can you believe it's now November? Sheesh!