Monday, March 26, 2007

No blues for this cowgirl

For years, and I really mean years, I have been not-so-secretly coveting the work of Ramonster's Kathie Sever. Her stuff is so distinct, so spectacular, totally rock and roll and radio flyer all rolled into one firecracker package. This year for Zöe's birthday I thought it would be really cool for her to have her own beautifully made bit of reto cowgirl swankwear. But try finding one! After unsuccessfully searching, Kathie kindly answered my pleas and custom-made this beautiful dress for Zöe. Isn't it awesome? Don't you want one for yourself? (She makes a grown-up version!) When Zöe's not wearing it, I hang it prominently, ahem, in my little studio where I find myself contentedly gazing at it all throughout the day...

So, since my dad's birthday and Zöe's are so close together we decided to have a party for the both of them. And since he, too, appreciates that retro cowboy aesthetic (being, after all, a quintessential kid-of-the-fifties...the Lone Ranger, Roy Roger) we decided to make it a theme. How cute are those two? I had a vision in my head of this photo that I wanted to capture, and was so happy that it actually materialized. Yee-haw! Happy Birthday, you two!

And one last note for all of you Portland folk: the incdredible, amazing Kathie Sever has an incredible, amazing husband named Matt. Matt is a super talented musician with a show coming up on April 19th here in Portland at Missippippi Studios. Check out his website: Matt the Electrician, listen to some tunes here, and I'll see you all at the show!