Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Even a smattering of snow is enough to excite the Native Portlander. Which is why we were bundled up and playing mere moments after getting out of bed this mornng. The boys were too little to remember the last really big snow storm we had, so there was tremendous excitement over this dusting. We managed to scrape together a few snowballs, throw them, taste them, smash them onto each others' coats. Max and I re-created our favorite scene from this movie, which became a pretty funny scene itself.

"Max, honey. Okay, stick your tongue out but don't actually touch the pole. Okay? Just get really, really close. That's it. Yikes! Too close, too close! Perfect."
And after taking the last photo in front of our crazy inflatables, it was inside for waffles, hot chocolate and getting ready for school. Let the season begin!