Wednesday, August 03, 2005

All About Teeth

I FINALLY finished the tooth-fairy pillows that I sold as auction items for the Preshcool way back in March! I made one for Jack when he lost his first tooth, inspired by a pillow my friend Rebecca made for her son Parker. I'm happy with how they turned out, especially since I'm very new to the "sewing thing" and it's been a while since I made the first one. The tooth itself is a small pocket, sewn tightly enough to securely hold the homeless chomper until that lovely fairy whisks it away to tooth-land. It's big enough to hold a folded certificate of some sort, coins, paper money, diamonds, raisins, or whatever the fairy fancies as adequate payment.

We were able to use Jack's very own tooth pillow once again last night, as he lost the second of his top front teeth. It was wiggly beyond all wiggliciousness, but he still wouldn't let me "take it out." (We are unable to use the phrase "pull it out" without inspiring Jack to try and glue his loose tooth back in with peanut butter.) As he was getting dressed yesterday he pulled his shirt over his head, and the thing just popped out and rolled across the floor. If you ask me, that little central incisor was trying to make a break for it. It must know something about that tooth-fairy that we don't know. What could it be, I wonder?


Anonymous said...

The pillows are adorable -- as is Jack's new smile! Thanks for the link to my blog!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the picture of Jack's toothless grin!! What a proud boy!! Also enjoyed the photo of Jack and Max in the pool. Their hair and faces look wet, which may or may not mean that their heads are getting closer to the water. Progress is slow, but it will come --- when they're ready!
Love your blog! What a great way to record the amusing things kids say and do, and to note the daily events in children's lives. I'm a strong believer in journaling and recording life's small, seemingly insignificant events before they become lost and forgotten. As a busy mother, I hope you will find time to keep it up, for your sake and for mine. Thanks for a refreshing look into the world of an extraordinary family.

A Cincinnati reader