Friday, August 05, 2005

Better Than A Barbie

Actually I never had a Barbie, Skipper was the only fashion play doll I was permitted to own. It just so happened that I liked Skipper better anyway, so that worked out nicely for my mom. But in the end, my little Dottie Z: The Living Doll totally takes the cupcake. She walks, she talks (in her own language even!), she smiles, grins, laughs and cuddles. But even better, she's a running, moving, climbing, twirling girl body just perfect for dressing-up. We'll worry about all that awful teenage-girl stuff later. Last night I finished the first real dress for Zöe that I've ever made. I'm so excited! I've been turning the pattern idea over in my mind for a few weeks now, and it came out exactly as I'd hoped. The thought of hems and finished edges (armholes, neckline) was intimidating to me, so I used the serge stitch on my sewing machine for all of the "raw" edges. It was much easier and I really like to look. The fabric is all cotton; the stripe is by Michael Miller, and the dotted fabric is called "soft spot" by Alexander Henry. I purchased both at the one-acre-large Fabric Depot. There is a vertical opening in the back at the neckline with a hook-eye closure, and a little pocket on the front of the apron. I've got some great 1930's vintage reproduction fabric, and I'm itchin' to make another one already!


Anonymous said...

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! Great job! I can't believe how well your first "pattern project" turned out. Actually, I'm still a slave to patterns. I can't believe those people who just look at a garment and then draft their own pattern. You have to tell me which pattern you used! I love the little apron front.


Meegan Blue said...

No pattern, just the one that came out of my big old noggin! I wich I could say I'd conquered the "art" of following a pattern, but all those endless pieces of flimsy brown paper totally freak me out. I'd like to coerce you into giving me some pattern lessons Rebecca, because there are SO many great designs out there that I can't even begin to create. The other thing I'm stuck on (since I have no "real" pattern to follow) is figuring out how to make it bigger. I'd love to make a few as gifts, but unless the girl is roughly the same size as Z. Dott I can't do it! Thanks for your kind words, but they can't erase the fact that it's all your fault that I'm obsessed with this stuff in the first place!

Your Biggest Admirer said...

What a cute dress!

What a beautiful girl!

What a great blog!

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to help you through a pattern. Maybe after school starts back up we could find a time when we both just have the girls and work on a project.


Berly's Blog said...

You are so creative! I just love the dress and the girl is gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! The day after Zoe was born I went out and bought a pattern and fabric for a dress to make her - haven't seen it? That's becausee I haven't made it yet!!! AHHH I love the chase and the planning its the follow through I need to work on. You have inspired me to make it, and the skirt I have waiting, and the pj bottoms for Art, and the ones for me, and that quilt for the beach house... the list and the fabric is endless!! Zoe is a doll what fun. Kailla