Sunday, September 09, 2007

School Time

You know, summer really is the perfect length of time. Despite all of the fun and frolic we enjoyed while school was out, the kids were ready and excited to head back to school last Wednesday. Zöe trooped right along with the boys (lunch, water bottle and backpack resting squarely on her little shoulders), put her stuff in Max's locker and asked the way to her classroom. I tried to explain that her preschool is in a different place and doesn't actually start until the 18th(!) but she didn't completely get it until we were heading home with her backpack tucked under my arm. Then the tears, they did flow. Remember last year? Some themes remain the same. Look how much they've all grown, though!

Thank goodness for Oaks Park. Some time on the rides with Sarah and Grayson took Zöe's mind of the school blues. With a yummy stop in Sellwood for lunch and a little shopping, we all had a great day. And Sarah and I remembered just how much fun it is to have the little ones all to ourselves.

But boy was I ready to give those boys a big squeeze when three o'clock rolled around.


capello said...

just eight more days zoe! hang in there!

rebecca said...

they are all getting so big. shoot me an email if you'd like to get together sometime -- it's been too long.

karatekitties said...

I can't believe how grown-up they all look compared to last year. I'm really loving Jack's hair.

Kathleen said...

what cuties!!!! eek!

nice to find you via your sweet comment on my blog (thank you btw)

i look forwaed to reading more!

Crabby Amy said...

Yay for school starting!!! :) I must I found myself looking around and really wanting to ask you where Max was! Can't believe it's the youngest ones' turn!