Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The girl with three "first days"

Frist Day #1

See photo and description in last post.

First Day #2

The practice day at preschool, with only half (all six of them) of the class and me as one of the two parent helpers. Zöe loved it but knew it wasn't the "real" thing. She kept asking where all of the kids were and why I didn't leave. I satyed up way too late the night before making her outfit. But it was a happy-kind-of-staying-up-late because I finally got to try out Erin's awesome shirred shirt tutorial as well as the wide-leg pants I meant to make all summer.

First Day #3

Finally! The real deal. All fifteen three-year-olds present. I think things went well. Zöe was more than happy to see us go, so Eric and I slipped downtown for a really yummy morning-date breakfast. Teacher Amy is the best. Ever. I'm almost as excited as Zöe for all the fun that lies ahead this year!


Crabby Amy said...

Way cute!!! ;) and yummm! you went to "Mother's" totally love that place!!

Amy said...

Aww, gosh, now I'm blushin'! I still can't believe that little "Baby Zoe" is big enough to be in my class! I feel so lucky to have her, and the rest of your family as well! Enjoy your 4.5 hours of freedom each week! It's going to be an AWESOME year!!

xo Teacher Amy ; )

PS--I wish I had a wardrobe HALF as adorable as Miss Zoe's!

Anamaria said...

Congratulations to you and Zoe! She really looks adorable in all those fall outfits (did you make the dress, too?!). Milly (also 3)started school last week, but she's still not sure about it, at least in the morning. By the afternoon she's decided she likes it again!