Friday, July 22, 2005

Change is Good

This is just to let folks know that I've changed the settings on this blog regarding "Comments." It's now possible to leave a comment whether you have your own blogger account or not, by clicking on "anonymous." You can leave your comment and sign your name to it as you wish without a blogspot username. I absolutely LOVE comments, so please keep 'em coming!
And since I just can't bear to post without a photo, here's one of Zöe sitting on the glider in our backyard, curls and all.


Anonymous said...

Hey Meegan! I really love your blog -- great stories and great pictures! Keep 'em coming. :) You rock!

Berly's Blog said...

She is a little Max look alike! So adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Han- what a cutie pie! She's your "mini me!" Can't wait to meet her in person! Katy

Anonymous said...

Yeah for the change! Love the blog - love the pics and the text is - of course - funny and nearly as good as the photos.
I think for Hallowen that You,Eric,Jack and Max should go as the four bears and Zoe is a shoo-in for Goldilocks!! Love, kai