Thursday, July 21, 2005

Bend it Like Beckham

It's been all about soccer around here for a few weeks now. Jack completed two weeks of an all-day soccer camp, and this week he and Max are participating in back-to-back classes at the park. They are both really into it!

At the moment, however, we only own one pair of shinguards and one pair of cleats. So we do a major switcheroo of sweaty foot gear from one kid to the next in the few minutes between their classes. Poor Max gets the sweaty seconds. I guess if Max is going to play in the fall, we'll need to get him his own gear!

Zöe has been getting out there too, kicking the ball around with the big boys. She has no qualms about toddling out onto the field in the middle of practice to try and kick the ball, which usually causes a cacauphony of giggling from the serious, big-kid players.

This Saturday is a big Portland Timbers match vs. Sunderland AFC of the English Premier League. Nike hid 50 soccer balls around downtown Portland yesterday morning, each worth two free tickets to Saturday's game. I loaded up the kids before soccer class and we scouted around a bit, but were unsuccessful in our searching. It was very exciting, though, and I must say it felt a tiny bit Willie Wonka-ish. Although clearly I'd rather have a Golden Ticket to Wonka's Chocolate Factory over stupid old free soccer tickets any day. As we evidently have neither, we'll have to be happy with the Dairy Queen ice cream we had on our way home from the park. Fair enough.

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neneandobby said...

This is so much fun!
I find myself going to MeeganBlue several times per day, hoping that there will be a new post. And, you are all right here in P-town. Think how great it would have been when you were in LA.