Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Meegan Blue Quarterly

*Hey! Just for fun: remember last year? And the year before?*

Okay, so I guess this blog has become a Quarterly. Posting every three months or so seems to be the best I can muster. I've decided that I'm just gonna' pretend that's the way it's supposed to be. And if I can magically pull it together on a more regular basis then I'll do a little jig. I have been posting photos pretty consistently over on Flickr. And I've been visiting this site daily, having a blast connecting with old friends and keeping fresh with everyone's happenings. Quick bits of sharing is absolutely where I'm at right now. If you happen to be a fellow Facebooker, let me know!

We had a really awesome summer, which flew by way too fast. Even faster than normal. And now we're back to the insanity of the school schedule, trying to juggle soccer, piano, martial arts, and homework. I'm tired already! Seriously. Both of the boys absolutely adore their teachers and are eager to go to school every morning, so that is mighty helpful when it comes to getting out the door. If we can stick to homework and piano practice right after school, and limit play dates to Fridays and Weekends, then I think we'll be okay. At least we'll make it through soccer season, anyway.

And this is little Miss Zöe's last year of preschool, sniff. She doesn't start for another week still and the wait is killing her. That girl is dying to see her beloved Teacher Amy. I'm finding it very hard to wrap my head around the fact that next year she'll be in full-day Kindergarten. Like, I kind of have to force myself to not think about it. It makes me feel better to promise myself that we're going to make the most of our time together this year. Given Zöe's current range of interests I'm seeing lots of crafty projects on our horizon. Sounds like fun to me!


Joyce K. said...

The kids look great! That Max is going to be an actor. He takes the best photos.
Ella was totally digging that Hello Kitty sewing machine. She has been helping me sew fabric yo-yos that I am going to do something with.
Zoe is too cute for words. You can tell she's got the crafting thing down.

Sarah said...

Can I borrow Zoe for some crafty mornings? Max looks soooo grown up in these photos.e

Hola, I'm JMac: said...

oh holy elvis, a Hello Kitty sewing machine?! be still my heart. I was so happy to see you had written. I wondered if Zoe was in big Kindergarten this's nice to have another year with her all to yourself! xo

Amber said...

Avery brought home a Barbie sewing machine yesterday after going out with a family friend... along with a Star Wars pillow case that she sewed all by herself for Cayden. I might have to send her your way (or Sarah's!) to get some helpful hints because she sure isn't getting any from me!

Your kids are gorgeous, but I'm sure you get tired of hearing that all the time. :)

Laura said...

I want that sewing machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you tried luring me over to facebook...but you are the one I blame for my blogging addiction. I have it BAD.

Your posts always leave me missing you....thank goodness it is just quarterly.