Friday, April 28, 2006

Happy Hands

If you live in Portland, and find yourself with some spare time on Saturday (that's tomorrow...yikes!), stop by the Happy Hands Market on 33rd and Alberta. We'll be there with lots of fun handmade goods from 12-4. I'm selling apron dresses, a few skirts, and some pennant-type fabric bunting. After that I plan on having a good stiff drink and some much-needed sleep.

Sometime soon I'll be begging my brother to help me start an online shop. Something like my gal Textile Fetish. I love these crafty gatherings, but it is tough to try and crank out a bunch of things on a mom-of-three schedule. I'm sapped. And I miss blogging.

I designed this skirt for Zöe and have made a few more to add to my dress collection for Saturday. Eventually I'll size it up for the big girls too. It fits nice and a-line, just like I wanted, falls a bit below the knee and looks very cute. The other versions have a middle panel of a contrasting fabric much like these by Rebecca.

Hope to see some of you tomorrow, and for those I don't...happy weekend!


rebecca said...

sounds like you've been a very busy gal. i can't make it to the sale tomorrow (baseball game for Parker), but I definitely want one of the skirts!! could you pick one out that you think "suits" Peri and set it aside for me?? i'll cut you a check next time i see ya'. when, oh, when will that be? we seriously need to block out a get together time in the next few weeks!!

Megan said...

That's one cool skirt. Just might use it for inspiration to make a similar one for one cool daughter.

Love the blog, the name even more, and will be back!

Monica said...

Lovely the colors and the rick-rack trimming!

weirdbunny said...

I so wish I could sew clothes. I just can't follow a pattern. That skirt is lovely.

jojo* said...

Hope you kicked some major bootie at the show today!!! That is such a cute skirt.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have gone to your craft sale! Your sewing looks fabulous. I, too, have dusted off the sewing machine...but three kids do make it hard to get anything finished. Keep on crafting and are my creative inspiration!
I will keep you posted on the new baby Phelps arrival...I am 5 cm dilated, and VERY MUCH over this pregnancy!
Love to your great hubby and beautiful kiddies

textile_fetish said...

I want to hear about how your sale went. Thanks for the shout out too by the way (not that I need the competition - ha!). You would do GREAT with a web-shop!