Tuesday, November 01, 2005

More Pictures Than Words

I am seriously behind in posting any photos of our fall activities. Judging by the bulging toy isles in Target and the ever-encroaching holiday decorations everywhere we go, I decided to post everything right now before it's suddenly Christmas.

For Halloween this year we had a cute little witchy-poo, a Clone Trooper, and a red Bionicle. Max overcame his seriously bad costume phobia and trick-or-treated with the best of them. It seems his love of candy outweighs his fear of dress-up.

It probably didn't help him much that Eric and I actually dressed up this year to attend a costume party. I think it may have started things off on the wrong skeletal foot as far as Max was concerned. Looking at the picture it's not surprising, really. I was shooting for a witch and wound up looking like a punk-rock Prince Valiant. And Eric, well his costume really speaks for itself doesn't it? I could not stop laughing the entire evening.


Anonymous said...

I think you look like a teacher at Hogwarts! and Eric...well what can I say but you sure married yersef a fine hunk o' man!
Thanks for all the new pics.
xox kai

Anonymous said...

If you are a teacher at Hogwart's, Eric is the custodian at
Hog Hollow. Where in the heck did all those purdy children come from?
- Jed Clampett

Anonymous said...

Great pics and writing! It sounds like the kids had a great time trick-or-treating, but c'mon what kid wouldn't?!?

As for you and Eric, well, Hazeltine, you look great; and Rusty, well I think your episode of "Wife Swap" with the woman you so charmingly call "the other Mrs." is ready to air soon. Rock on!


Berly's Blog said...

Those pictures are great! Happy Halloween!!!