Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Last First Tooth Lost

Just before school started I took all three kids to the dentist for their twice a year check-ups. After taking Zöe's x-rays, the dentist asked me if she had any wiggly teeth. Wiggly teeth?!? I assured her that she didn't (couldn't possibly!) have any wiggly teeth. Because even though she's tall and savvy and sometimes acts older than she is (that third child, I tell ya'), she's still only 4 1/2. She's only 4 1/2! The dentist sweetly showed me the x-rays and pointed out that there were no roots (none!) under her bottom two front teeth. She assured me that this was normal, that each child is different, that they all lose teeth at different times. And sure enough, the wiggles started shortly thereafter.

So for the last few days one of them has been really wiggly. It's hurt Zöe to eat, it's bothered her at night, it would even bleed sometimes if she wiggled it too hard or for too long. Yesterday we made her tooth fairy pillow. I made a bunch of them long ago, for my boys and the boys of some dear friends.I was super excited to make one with Zöe and she definitely didn't disappoint. She's a girl, you know, and girls care about these things. I'm sure there are boys out there who care about these things too, but mine did not. So I enjoyed every minute of this creative process with my girl. She chose her fabrics, thread colors and buttons, drew and cut out the tooth shape, drew the face (a vampire! I embroidered it...), drew her name (again I embroidered it...), and sat on my lap while we stitched the whole thing together. It was amazing. And I think the end result is fantastic too!

So tonight she'll nestle her tooth down in the little vampire pocket and wait for the tooth fairy to come. She's hugged me over a million times today, whispering thanks for taking her tooth out without it hurting (so easy! it was ready...), thanks for helping her make the pillow, thanks for being her mom. And I've hugged her over a million times back, whispering thanks for being my Zöe with such excitement, enthusiasm and joy. Today was the last first tooth lost in our family. And I gotta tell you, it makes me sad. I'm just not ready for this little girl to get big.