Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Derby Grrrls

After our girl's nite out last weekend to the Roller Derby we were more convinced than ever to be a team of our own for Halloween. Thus, the Reservoir Dolls were born. You can click here to check out the real team.

We had so much fun putting together costumes (I'm in serious love with that swingy black-haired wig...does that even look like me?), coming up with names, making our team shirts. And although this photo (sadly) doesn't show it, we were kickin' it on our skates. Unfortunently, however, our teammate Bubble Viscious was taken down in the second bout by a nasty foul and is now nursing a real-life broken ankle. But it was fun, Bubble V! ...Right?

For an even better account of the evening and way more photos, head this way.

Happy Halloween!

Penny Traitor


Sarah said...

I'll never get tired of this photo. The swingy black-haired wig must make it out again soon. Love it!

Kai in Portland said...

I love, love Roller Derby! Go Heatless Heathers! Yay Rose City Rollers! I had no idea you were such a fan. Resevoir Dolls indeed.
You all rock (and I guess roll too.

xoxo Kai

Kai in Portland said...

Such a dork - had to post a note again because I failed to name my fav team - The Breakneck Betties. I went to middle school with Jammer D. Konstructor, 2 x 4, and I owe my introduction the the Derby to her. She is Awesome! Anyway that said you guys were no doubt the hit of your Halloween bash.

capello said...

hahaha! you all look awesome!

i've been trying to get to the roller derby, but my husband keeps getting sent out of town so i don't have someone to watch the kids. gah.

rebecca said...

you all look hot!! now i want to see some pictures of the kids in their halloween costumes.