Friday, February 17, 2006

Photobooth Friday #3: Me and My Dad

I had the best time ever as a kid. My parents were young. My dad worked nights, so I had both parents at home with me all day, every day. They hardly slept. I know they tried to craft their art in quiet moments, but I was more fun to them than anything else. They must have been tired, they had to be. But all of my early memories involve playing, reading, laughing, and running around with the complete attention and devotion of both my parents. It was fun beyond fun. And my dad was the best playmate ever. My mom too, but after a while she had to attend to all that mom stuff that didn't get done while she was playing with us. So my dad kept me busy and happy. He still does.

My mom watches Zöe on Wednesday mornings, and last week my dad took the morning off so he could stay home and play too. I stood there, watching the two of them on the floor surrounded by all of my old Fisher-Price toys (the garage, the house, the castle...) and it took everything in me not to cry. Those days of my dad and I playing on the floor seem so long ago, yet here he is with Zöe and it thrills me to see things all come full circle. But then he put the King on the little potty from the house and I was laughing through the watery-sheen over my eyes, while Zöe made a pee-pee sound and giggled too.

So that's us. Me and my dad. I think it might be 1974, probably the same photo booth at the dime store downtown where I took the photos with my grandma. My favorite has got to be the first one in which, yes, he has a cigar. Total Paper Moon. We're a team, pulling a con, on the lamb from the law and loving every minute.


Kai said...

Wow - thanks for a great post to go into the weekend with. As a fellow Daddy's Girl I share in your joy and memeories. Your parents must be so proud of the wonderful parent you have become.
xox Kai

lovegreendog said...

how SWEET is that!!?
i wish i had a photo like that of me & my dad.
this is splendid, sigh..

andrea said...

oh wow- LOVE THIS! so much character and so much story in four tiny little pics. I'm like you-- I had an amazing childhood, filled with nothing but the greatest of memories. and I find that I am in the minority... and so I feel extremely blessed and am trying my hardest to give that to my own children.

your dad... you can see how much he loves you. and you can also see how happy you were as a child. it's a beautiful thang.

textile_fetish said...

Maybe it's the way things repeat - styles and such - about every 25 years, but this picture doesn't look one bit dated. And that makes me happy. Because in it I can see children I know and their fathers and with your description I have a real sense that they'll turn out ok, as well rounded and well loved individuals.

JesC said...

So cute and sweet and memory filled! Your father seems to be having as much as you, absolutely wonderful!!

degan said...

oh, adorable!

jojo* said...

That is so sweet. You haven't changed a bit! ;)