Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday: Personal History

I've been wanting to join this flickr group for a while now, and finally got around to figuring the whole thing out. And over the weekend we purchased a scanner/printer/copier all-in-one, so it makes it possible to scan some photos that have been on my list to write about anyway!

This photograph was taken in the summer of 1975, outside of my cousin Jubal's house (that's him on the horse with me) in NE Portland, very close to where we live now. There was a man who roamed the neighborhood with his pony "Trooper," charging a small amount for children to have their picture taken on horseback with all of his cowboy accoutrements. We were at home that day when my Aunt Mary called to tell us "the pony guy" was in the neighborhood. We made it over just in time for some pictures, and according to my folks it was the last summer the pony guy came around, so we always felt really lucky for having the experience. I don't really remember the whole thing, but I love this picture because it speaks to me of everything wonderful in my childhood. A warm sunny day in short sleeves, my best wonderful boy at my side, our parents in the periphery smiling, laughing, and an endless sidewalk to run and chase and play.


Poppy said...

Those accoutrements were yours.
As I recall, we grabbed everything that you had that was "cowgirl" related; your suede vest and chaps and your cowgirl hat and boots. It is a very vivid memory in my mind and we will always be grateful to Mary for giving us that call. This photo is truly an archival memory, I'm glad you scanned it. Still in the periphery smiling, laughing, Poppy

jojo* said...

Gosh, I wish our neighborhood had a pony guy! How fun! What a great picture. I'm sure that brings back a lot of fun childhood memories.