Friday, December 30, 2005

Round Two: Creature Cantina

We've finished our second round of stuffed creatures in anticipation of Auntie Andrea's visit from Pasadena. Max designed the green guy which he named "Needle." Apparently he scanned around, while trying to decide upon his creature's name, and settled his eyes upon one of many sewing notions on the dining room table. Needle was born. Jack's is the black spider with four eyes, aptly named "Web." The first round were a total hit with my parents, as well as Cabel and Nicole. The boys were very excited to give them, after many long conversations about which one to give to whom. Just before Max handed his to Cabel and Nicole, he gave it a big hug and said quietly, "I'm gonna miss you, guy." I felt terrible and realized that, um, maybe we need to make a few for us to keep. Duh. That's next on the agenda.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Flip Side

Well, now you all can get the flip side of life in Meegan Blue Land. Eric has a new blog. 'Nuff said.

Friday, December 23, 2005

The Best Day

WARNING: If you are Eric, Cabel, Nicole, mom or dad please read no further! This post contains some serious spoilers regarding Christmas gifts!

Eric stayed home today, and very generously took Zöe with him on a morning-about-town. It was like an early Christmas present...they were gone for four hours! This enabled me to complete many unfinished tasks that I've been scratching my head over, wondering how in the world they'd get done by Christmas. I bought some canvases from Michael's last week and each of the kids did a painting for Eric.
This was much harder than I imagined it would be, but they turned out better than I dreamed. Each of the boys did a sketch first, and then begrudgingly penciled it onto the canvas. It took us several sessions over a period of days, but that was good becasue they'd get all tired after a while and start laying on the floor, rolling around. Spacing things out kept the project more fresh. I don't have a picture of Zöe's yet. Hers was the hardest to do by far. She loved doing it and has a lot of confidence with a paintbrush, but things just became kind of a mish mash. I kept the colors in one family: red, pink, orange, maroon. That way we didn't end up with a big brown puddle, and it worked for the most part. The other project we finished today are stuffed creatures for Cabel and Nicole, and my mom and dad. The boys each drew a creature on paper, helped me pick out fabric and I made their image into a stuffed animal which they helped stuff. They're cool and I definitely want to make more, especially since Zöe is in love and will hardly let go of Jack's "Red Eye Guy." It's amazing how much I can get done with just a little bit of toddler-free time. Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Look Judy, it's Santy Claus!

If you live in Portland, I really hope you've had the chance to visit Santaland on the 10th floor of the downtown Meier and Frank store. After this Christmas it will be no longer. This particular Santaland has been one of my yearly holiday experiences since childhood, and I'm really struggling to imagine what next year will be like when the whole thing is gone. Laden with winter coats, mittens, scarves and hats the stuffy elevator ride from the main floor is a test of determination as difficult for grown-ups as it is for the children inadvertently stepping on their toes. The elevator makes multiple stops on it's ascent to the 10th floor, opening it's doors onto floors void of customers where no passengers enter or exit. At the top at last, the elevator spills it's tightly packed riders out into a chaotic inferno of Christmas activity. Santaland. The murmur of adult voices is punctuated by those of children, crying out in glee and in fear of all that awaits them inside. Snaking lines of families waiting to visit with Santa wind their way around the gigantic room. Children press their noses to Plexiglas as they spy on little wide-eyed animatronic elves, repeatedly putting bows on gifts in their dusty workshops. And the very special thing which makes this place unique comes grinding it's way around the room, suspended from the ceiling, earning the attention of every Christmas reveler. The Monorail. Children run for the back of the room, ducking if they must under the archway which separates the riders from the onlookers. There was a time when height was unimportant and I rode many times into my teens, giggling from inside with my friend Sally. Now they are scrutinized for size, climb the narrow wooden stairs in groups of ten with no help from parents allowed, and then are carefully arranged into three cars being very mindful of pinched fingers and squished toes.
From down below a crop of faces can be seen peeking out from the windows of the train. Children clutch their tiny fingers to the wire as they scour the pack of grown-ups for a wave from a familiar face. And then, with a jerk, they're off. The loading platform is left far behind as the train lurches around the room, a chorus of small voices from above calling for the attention of Santa Claus in his chair by the fire. Twice around the room and the ride is over. Children reluctantly stomp down a different set of narrow stairs only to race back under the archway for another ride. When they can finally be pulled away, lunch in the Georgian Room (on the same floor) completes the day. A very "fancy" affair with tablecloths, cloth napkins, and lots of grandmothers wearing hats, even the smallest child feels grown-up in such a place. Waiters bustle, silver clatters on china, and Christmas is just around the corner.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Last weekend my parents helped me paint the living room and dining room. They are expert room-painters, among other things (check out my mom's paintings in the link above), and we were able to crank out both of the spaces in a pretty short amount of time. Eric was the hired hand in the babysitting department and he did a great job keeping Zöe's fingers out of the wet paint. It feels great to have some color on the walls! I didn't even realize how void we were of color until we got it up there. The green is a Martha Stewart color from Sherwin Williams called "Galax" and the rusty red is called "Blush" from Devine Color . Next on deck for a color overhaul is the kitchen. I've been priming it for weeks now. There are so many cabinets, corners, nooks and crannies! It will be changing from it's orange/olive green color scheme to the same Tuscany yellow (a happy, warm, orange-yellow color) that was in our old house, which looks good with all of the stainless appliances. I've got a "Hummingbird" blue (also from Martha) for the small bathroom in which the sink and toilet are that same color, oh my! I've chosen another Devine color for the office, a dark steel-blue called "Denim." And lastly, Devine "Ale" for the entry way/staircase. Whew! That's a whole lotta paintin'! We're having Eric's office Christmas party here next Friday night. Do you think I can get it all done by then? Yeah, right. Instead you'll find me in my new cozy chair (thanks mom and dad!) reading the newest Harry Potter, which I am just now getting around to reading. Now, where's that eggong?

Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Monster Surprise

We had a crazy morning this morning, running around trying to get things accomplished while somehow having fun with three little kids at the same time. It really didn't work. So by the time Zöe's nap time rolled around I was really ready to hit some of the local crafty gatherings with my friend Holly. We ended up at "Riches at Rimskys" which had a great and varied group of local craftsters. There was one in particular that I was looking forward to seeing...Jennifer of Dishy Duds whose stuff I have been admiring for a long, long time. In particular, her monster tees are amazing, beautiful, and so, so unique and fun! It was so great to meet her and we had a nice chat about Portland, crafty stuff, life with kids, cool shops, blogs, and other good stuff. I was really coveting her cool monster tees when she completely took me by surprise and gifted me with one! I was speechless. After the crummy morning I'd had, her generous, spontaneous gesture really lifted my heart. The boys were too excited when they saw it and are now planning a schedule of who gets to wear it on which days. Thanks Jennifer, you made us all so happy with your fabulous blue-eyed monster!