Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

My dad put these two photos together for me. He took the one of Zöe last week and it totally reminded him of one he'd taken of me so very long ago. I think I'm a bit younger than Z in this photo, but I love the similarities. More than anything I love those striped OshKosh overalls that were my favorites. And the dandelions? Those are Zöe's favorites, so I guess that must run in the family.

So our decorations are up and the mortars are ready (shhh...don't tell anyone...we trekked to Washington State for the good stuff). Thankfully Eric is as big a nut as I am when it comes to blowing things up, so we're already rubbing our hand together in excited anticipation. Come on over if you have nothing planned tonight! You'll be glad you did!